Here at Barker Animal Hospital, we’ve noticed that a lot of our furry patients have a big problem: obesity. In fact, well over half of domestic kitties are obese or overweight. However, in some cases, it can be difficult to tell if Fluffy is chubby or, well, just fluffy. Some of our feline friends are roughly 90 percent fur! Read on as a local Virginia Beach, VA vet offers a few signs that your furball is turning into a butterball.


When Fluffy jumps off a bed or couch, does the entire house shake? When your kitty runs after something, do her pawprints make the floor vibrate? If so, your furry buddy may be a bit chunky.

Theatrical Begging

Cats are small but, they have a big dramatic streak. Does your furry overlord meow, rub against your legs, or use other kitty theatrics to demand that you fill her bowl right meow, even if you already fed her … twice? Has Fluffy trained you to feed her on demand?

Ongoing Meal Schedule

We all know that hobbits don’t actually exist. However, these fictional beings do share something tangible with our feline companions: a love of second breakfast. And third breakfast. And fourth breakfast.

Tummy Troubles

Is your kitty getting a bit round? Is Fluffy beginning to resemble a furry bowling ball with paws, a head, and tail stuck on? If so, your pet may need to drop some weight.

Back Strain

Do you have to struggle to pick your kitty up? Does holding Fluffy count as lifting weights? If you have to strain to lift your kitty, you may have a chubby cat.

Kitty Crush

Does Fluffy make your legs fall asleep when she curls up in your lap? Does she have trouble even fitting onto your lap? Case in point.

No Ribbing

You may have heard that the best way to gauge a kitty’s weight is to try feeling her ribs. If you can’t even find Fluffy’s ribs, your furry pal may be what kids these days would call a ‘chonker.’

Doctor’s Opinion

All jokes aside, the best way to find out if Fluffy is chubby is to consult your vet. Have your chubby pet examined regularly!

Please contact us, your Virginia Beach, VA vet clinic, with any questions or concerns about your fat cat’s health, diet, or care. We’re here to help!