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Making The Trip to the Vet a Bit Easier

May 1, 2020
Does your cat run and hide when you bring her carrier out? Does your dog immediately bolt for his favorite hiding spot when he hears the word ‘vet?’ It wouldn’t be surprising if the answer to those questions is a yes. Many pets are uneasy about visiting their doctors, and it isn’t hard to understand why. Animal clinics can be scary places for our furry friends! There’s a lot of strange smells and sounds to take in. Plus, the presence and scents of other animals, some of whom may be sick. A Virginia Beach, VA vet offers tips on making appointments easier for pets in this article.

Comfy Carrier

Pets should always be crated for travel: it’s much safer! Make your furry friend’s travel case as comfy as possible by adding bedding and toys. Also, leave it out sometimes between appointments, and offer treats and praise near it.

Get Used to Drives

Many of our canine patients think car rides are the best thing ever. Cats? Not so much. One thing you can do is get your kitty accustomed to going for drives. Put Fluffy in her carrier and take her out to the car. Start the engine, but don’t go anywhere. Pet her gently, talk to her, and give a treat or some catnip. Take her back inside after a few minutes. Keep doing this until she’s used to it. Then, start going for drives around the block.

Opt for Fear Free

We’re happy to be part of the growing Fear Free movement, which is taking the ‘pet’ out of petrified. Fear Free practices recognize that appointments can be distressing to pets, and do everything we can to make things easier on them. This may entail things like having separate waiting areas for cats, letting pets come out of the carrier on their own, or just offering extra cuddles and treats. 

Keep Up With Wellness Care

When it comes to pet care, an ounce of prevention is worth several pounds of cure. By keeping up with preventative care, such as vaccinations and parasite control, and following basic safety precautions, you can greatly decrease the risk of your pet developing major issues. Our patients definitely prefer routine wellness checks over emergency visits!

Do you want to learn more about our Fear Free initiative? Contact us, your Virginia Beach, VA vet clinic! 
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