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Keeping Fluffy Fit

May 15, 2020

Did you know that over half of our feline pals are obese or overweight? Fluffy is pretty cute if she’s a bit chubby. However, that extra weight carries some serious risks for pets! Here, a Virginia Beach, VA vet offers some advice on keeping your cat trim.


Toys are very important, but as far as Fluffy is concerned, you’re her favorite plaything. We don’t advise letting your feline friend use you as a toy: that’s bad petiquette. However, it’s important to play with your cat regularly. Hold a laser pointer or wand toy for your kitty to chase, or get a remote-controlled mouse. Even a few minutes of running, jumping, and pouncing will benefit your cute pet!


Kitties are hunters by nature. Offer your pet lots of toys to pounce on and bat under the couch. Cats all have their own personal tastes when it comes to playthings. Some like crinkly toys, others like balls, and some prefer catnip mice. Give Fluffy a variety, and see what she likes best. It’s also important to change your furry buddy’s playthings out regularly, to keep things fun and fresh for her.


You probably won’t have much success telling Fluffy to do stair runs, and she’s more likely to sleep on your treadmill than use it. However, you can still bribe your kitty into moving. Toss a toy down the hall at random times Chances are, your cat will run after it, just out of curiosity. It’s worth noting that some cats actually do play Fetch. If your furry pal didn’t get the memo that this is supposed to be a doggy game, indulge her!

Kitty Furniture

Fluffy is very curious, and loves to explore nooks and crannies. Make your home fun and interesting for your pet by setting out things like paper grocery bags and newspaper tunnels for her to explore. We also recommend getting some things that encourage your furry friend to jump and climb. Cat towers are great for this! You can also get your feline buddy her own exercise wheel. These are basically kitty-sized versions of the wheels you often find in hamster or gerbil cages. That will definitely give your pet a great workout!

Please contact us, your Virginia Beach, VA vet clinic, with any questions about your cat’s health, diet, or care. We’re dedicated to helping you keep your cat healthy!

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