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Responsible Dog Ownership

September 1, 2020

September is Responsible Dog Ownership Month! This is a very important topic! Just like any other animal, Fido needs food, water, and shelter to thrive. However, these are just the basics. Being a great dog owner entails much more than filling Fido’s bowl, and doling out treats and ear scritches. Here, a Virginia Beach, VA vet lists some key points of being a great pet parent. 


While it isn’t a must to teach your dog cute tricks, like Beg or Roll Over , Fido absolutely should know basic obedience commands. The five most important ones are Sit , Stay , Come , Heel , and Lay Down


Fido is both curious and playful, which can be a dangerous combination. He also sometimes likes to investigate things by, well, eating them. This can definitely get a pup into trouble! Make your home safe for your pet by removing or securing anything that could be dangerous. 

Preventative Care

You’ve probably heard the saying ‘An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.’ That’s definitely true when it comes to our canine buddies! It’s both easier and cheaper to protect Fido from things like parasites and diseases than it is to treat him for them. 


If Fido hasn’t been microchipped yet, we strongly recommend getting this done ASAP. That tiny device could save his life one day! Your pooch should also be wearing proper ID tags.


Whether your pet is a four-legged bundle or zoom or a fuzzy couch potato, he’ll need proper activity to stay healthy. Dogs also need mental stimulation and entertainment. Toys, walks, and playtime are all very important for Fido’s health and well-being!


Fido may not be fond of baths, but he’ll be more comfortable with soft, clean fur. Brush and bathe your four-legged friend regularly. Dental care and nail trims are also important. 


There are already far too many homeless pets out there. Make sure your furry pal doesn’t contribute to the issue by having or siring unwanted litters. 


Always pick up after Fido when you walk him. That’s definitely part of being a responsible dog owner! 

Tail Wags

Last but not least, just pay attention to Fido, and make sure he feels loved. Comfy beds, jackets, treats, and belly rubs are also important! 

Please reach out to us, your local Virginia Beach, VA vet clinic, anytime. We are here to help! 

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