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DIY Bunny Toys

September 15, 2020

Bunnies are very playful and fun pets. These little furballs love to investigate things. They also enjoy chewing. In fact, chewing is necessary for them. Because rabbits have open-rooted teeth, they can develop some very painful dental issues if they don’t chew enough. Making sure that Floppy always has safe, suitable chew toys is very important! However, this doesn’t have to cost much. Read on as a Virginia Beach, VA vet lists some bunny toys you can make at home. 


Plain paper is safe for bunnies to nibble on. If you have a shredder, shred some plain copy paper, and then put the strips in a paper grocery bag. You can also fold plain paper into shapes for your furry pal. (Tip: have the kids make snowflakes for Floppy.) 


Why not incorporate fresh herbs into your furry friend’s playtime? Put them in a paper lunch bag, a toilet paper roll, or a tissue box. Or, fold plain paper into shapes around them. Just stick with non-toxic herbs.


Cardboard is also safe, as long as it doesn’t have tape, glue or staples on it. The tubes from toilet paper or paper towel rolls are quite versatile. Stuff them with hay or herbs, or cut them into rings and then reassemble them as balls. Cardboard boxes can also come in handy. Take a few of the ones that beverages come in, and make a maze for your fuzzy friend. You can even build Floppy her own box castle! 

Bunny Box

Bunnies love to dig through things. One thing you can do is make Floppy a goodie box. Put treats or small toys into a shoebox or plastic storage tote. Cover them with shredded or crumpled-up paper. You can also use hay. Then, let your furry buddy have at it.

Wooden Objects

Many plain wood objects are fine. Floppy can nibble on things like wooden spoons or children’s blocks. You can even give your pet branches. Just be sure to only use safe woods. Ask your vet for specific advice. 


Always put safety first! Never give Floppy anything with small parts, sharp edges, or dangling threads. Items coated in paint, varnish, or dye are also unsafe. Also, make sure her toys are cleaned and disinfected. 

Please contact us if we can ever be of assistance. As your Virginia Beach, VA pet clinic, we’re here to help! 

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