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Fluffy's New Year's Resolutions

January 1, 2021

Happy New Year! Many of us are more than happy to finally bid 2020 farewell, to put it mildly. As we head into 2021, many people are pondering what the new year may bring and setting goals for themselves. Your cat probably isn’t interested in potential news stories, but she does have a few resolutions of her own. A vets Virginia Beach, VA lists some adorable ones below.


Our feline buddies are very lithe and flexible. Fluffy may spend part of their year working on perfecting tricky sleeping positions that bear a suspicious resemblance to knots or pretzels. She’ll also stretch a lot! 

Soak Up Some Sun

Cats don’t run on solar power, but they do enjoy energizing themselves by sunbathing. Give your kitty a bed in a sunny spot.

Supervise The Humans

Kitties like to pay very close attention to their humans. Fluffy may try to keep you under constant supervision. She may follow you around, or even try to accompany you to the bathroom. 

Work On The Pounce

Fluffy may be a pampered little ball of fur, but she’s a predator at heart. Fluffy will work on her lion skills. Offer your ferocious pet lots of toys to bat around, and play with her daily.


Have you ever found your feline pal snoozing on your magazine or sitting on your laptop? Fluffy may be trying to absorb information! 


No surprises here. Cats can sleep up to 20 hours a day. That means Fluffy may very well sleep through the vast majority of the next year.


Cats are very curious, and they love to investigate every nook and cranny in their homes. If you bring home a cardboard box or a paper bag, your furball won’t hesitate to explore it.

Talk Back

Fluffy may be small, but she has quite a cattitude. At some point, your kitty will give you a sassy little meow of protest, perhaps when you move her mid-nap or shoo her away from something she shouldn’t be playing with.

Catch The Red Dot

Does your kitty like chasing after that little red dot? Fluffy may want to finally capture her elusive pretty this year. Of course, she may not make this goal, but you can help her try. 

Happy New Year! As your vet clinic Virginia Beach, VA, we’re dedicated to offering great care. Call us anytime!

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