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Kitty Communication Tactics

March 1, 2021

Cats are full of odd—and often adorable—quirks. These little furballs may be small, but they have some pretty big ‘purrsonalities.’ Fluffy is also quite opinionated, and isn’t exactly shy about expressing herself. However, some of your kitty’s methods of communication may surprise you. A Chesapeake, VA vet breaks down cat language below.


The meow is, of course, is an all-purrpose command our feline overlords use for us. Fluffy may speak to you to ask for food, treats, or ear scritches. She may also meow to let you know she’s on the wrong side of the door (again) or to announce a post-litterbox victory lap. Some cats are quite vocal, and will answer back when spoken to. Others rarely ‘talk’ at all. Pay attention to your furry friend’s speech patterns, and see how she responds when you talk to her.

Tail Flicks

Kitties’ tail language is very, very different from that of dogs. (This is one reason Fluffy and Fido seem to confuse each other so much.) Fluffy may lash her tail when she’s annoyed, angry, or just feeling frisky. However, if you pay attention, you may notice that she also sometimes flicks the end of her tail a bit as a way of responding to you. For instance, she may do this if you call her name while she’s dozing.

Head Butts

Kitty head bonks are both cute and special. However, this way of showing affection isn’t as simple as it seems. When cats do this, they’re actually rubbing their scent all over things. In Fluffy’s language, this more or less means she’s marking her territory. So, in other words, she’s claiming you, your couch, and everything else in ‘her’ domain.

Slow Blink

Did you know that blinking slowly is a sign of affection in cats? This is one of Fluffy’s cuter quirks!

Love Bites

One of the unique things about our feline buddies is the fact that they sometimes bite us just for fun, or to show affection. If your furball is only lightly biting, or alternates between biting and licking you, she’s probably just being frisky. If Fluffy is really angry, she may flatten her ears, growl, hiss, or puff out her fur, and she’ll attack with full kitty force. Ignore your cat when she’s being mean.

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