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Benefits of Going to a Fear-Free Vet

May 15, 2021

Here at Barke r Animal Hospital, we’re dedicated to offering the best care. That doesn’t just mean excellence on the medical end of things. It also means doing what we can to make visits easy, comfortable, and maybe even fun for our patients. That’s why we’ve decided to go Fear Free! Here, a Virginia Beach, VA vet lists some ways this can benefit you and your beloved pet.

Easier Appointments

First and foremost, Fear Free methods make things much easier on pets. This can mean many different techniques, such as letting cats come out of their carriers, or just giving some extra time to nervous pets. Most pets will calm down much more quickly with these soothing techniques. This makes it easier for vets to do their job, which is keeping our patients healthy.

Better Readings

It can be difficult to examine or get samples from pets that are frightened and/or struggling. While most veterinarians are trained to handle nervous animals, Fear Free techniques go a step further. This can actually make a difference when checking things like pulses and breathing, as nervousness can affect the readings.

Calmer Environment

One reason many pets get uneasy as soon as they come into a clinic is because of the information their cute little noses are giving them. Animal clinics, to nervous pets, often smell like … nervous pets. Fluffy and Fido may also pick up on the fact that some of the other pets that have been in recently are sick, which can make them even more uneasy. This is similar to the way that hospitals can make people anxious. Fear Free clinics offer a more welcoming environment. That will definitely help start appointments out on the right paw!

A Better Understanding

Part of the reason that Fear Free veterinary practices are gaining popularity is that this approach looks at things from a different point of view: that of the patient. Dogs will appreciate a treat from their doctor, while a nervous kitty may benefit from calming pheromones. 

Great C  are

All thin gs considered, why not choose a Fear Free vet? You want your doctor to be vested in your pet’s happiness and comfort during their appointments. We’re all about the purrs and tail wags!

Please reach out if ever we can be of assistance. As your Virginia Beach, VA vet clinic, we’re here to help!

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