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Cat World Domination Tactics

June 15, 2021

June 25th is a pretty big day for our feline pals: it’s Cat World Domination Day! Are kitties planning to take over the world? This may seem a bit far-fetched, but if you think about it, cats already have made quite a bit of progress here. After all, they’ve taken over a huge chunk of the internet, and even convinced the ancient Egyptians to treat them like divine beings. Has Fluffy actually been plotting against us this whole time? A local Virginia Beach, VA vet presents some evidence of this below.


Fluffy’s cute cries do have a way of pulling at our heartstrings and helping them wrap us around their paws. The fact that kitty cries sometimes sound like human babies is no coincidence. Those plaintive mews are hard to ignore!

The Leg Rub

Does your furball sometimes weave around your legs, particularly when you’re cooking something? This is another way cats have of getting us to do their bidding. It may also be an attempt to lull you into complacency. 

The Trip

If Fluffy really wants to get your attention, she may run and weave out in front of you. Is she trying to make you fall? Is she practicing strategic maneuvers? It’s quite pawsible!


Do you sometimes find your feline friend sleeping on your computer or book? Your furry buddy may be trying to absorb crucial tactical information. (Learning doesn’t work this way for us, but with cats, you just never know. )


Fluffy will need to sharpen her claws for that final conflict. You may notice your furball being extra diligent about keeping her paw daggers sharp.


It’s hard to take Fluffy seriously when she’s acting frisky and mischievous. Is this a ploy? 


Did you think your furry buddy’s playful pounces were just in fun? Wrong! Fluffy has been working on her combat skills this whole time. 


What if cats did take over the world? What would they do? Probably … not much. Odds are, Fluffy wouldn’t want to stick her nose into things like economics or industries. She’d probably be more interested in smaller things, such as getting stocked fishponds and catnip gardens in every neighborhood. You may also need to provide your feline overlord with more beds, toys, and, of course, empty boxes.

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