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Obesity In Cats

July 15, 2022

Is your feline friend on the pudgy side? Is Fluffy, well, not just fluffy? If you have a chonker on your hands, you are certainly in good company. Over half of domestic cats are overweight! Those extra pounds may make your pet look cute, but they are very bad for her health. A local Virginia Beach, VA vet discusses kitty obesity in this article.


It can be fun to joke about fat cats, but kitty obesity is actually a very serious problem. Being overweight greatly increases your pet’s risk of developing some very serious health issues! Some of these include heart disease, skin problems, bone and joint issues, liver and kidney trouble, reproductive problems, and respiratory issues. Those extra pounds can even shorten your pet’s lifespan!


As one may suspect, Fluffy’s diet plays a huge role in Fluffy’s weight. You’ll want to give your kitty a good, high-quality food, one that is appropriate to her age and lifestyle. Pay close attention to portion sizes! Even overfeeding your cat by a few calories a day can cause her to gain weight. If your pet is getting too big, that pleading meow may be a lie!


Then, there’s Fluffy’s workout regimen … or lack thereof. (Sorry Fluffy, dreaming about chasing mice doesn’t count.) Keep your feline pal active by playing with her daily. Kitties can burn a lot of calories running, jumping, and pouncing! You may also want to get your cat some furniture that encourages her to jump and climb, such as cat towers or catwalks. Every little bit helps!


Sometimes health issues can cause cats to gain weight. If you’re not sure why your furball is turning into a butterball, have your vet check her out.


How do you help your feline overlord slim down? Well, the first thing would be to be diligent about the portion sizes your vet recommends. The second? Steel yourself. When Fluffy realizes she can (gasp) see the bottom of her bowl, she’s probably not going to be happy about it. Expect your cat to yell at you, bat at your ankles, or possibly even attack your toes. Just don’t give in to your kitty’s meowpulation tactics!

Please do not hesitate to reach out with questions or concerns about your pet’s health or care. As your local Virginia Beach, VA pet hospital, we are here to help!

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