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Back To School Hazards For Dogs

August 15, 2022
Well, another summer has flown by, and it’s time for the kids to start heading back to school. This can be a difficult—and dangerous—time for Man’s Best Friend. Our canine buddies can get quite stressed out by changes to their daily doggy routines. Fido may also miss his buddies during the day, and may try to console himself by getting into some mischief. Read on as a Virginia Beach, VA vet lists some season hazards for you to be aware of.


Never underestimate Fido’s penchant for chewing, well, everything. Some of the things to keep out of paws’ reach would include pencils, pens, scissors, staples, glue, markers. Anything small or sharp can be a hazard, particularly for pups that are active chewers. It’s also best to keep homework away from the pooch. Jokes aside, our furry buddies actually have eaten homework assignments!


As soon as schools open up, those morning and evening commutes get very, very congested. That increased traffic is something to keep in mind when walking your pooch. Don’t let Fido run around off-leash!


Being bored or lonely won’t pose a direct physical threat to your furry friend, but it’s not good for him either. Dogs are very much hardwired to function in packs, and are happiest when they are with their buddies. If Fido has gotten used to having his little humans around more often during the summer, he may feel sad and isolated when school and all those after-school activities start up. Your canine pal may resort to chewing or trying to escape, either to express his angst … or just occupy himself. Make sure he has plenty of toys to amuse himself with. You can also take him to doggy daycare, or hire a dogwalker.

Routine Change

Fido is very much a creature of habit. If he’s gotten used to your family’s summer routine, it may take time for him to adjust to the new one. Make things a bit easier by adjusting his daily doggy schedule a few weeks before school starts. It’s also important to spend quality time with the family every day. That includes Fido, too! Make it a habit to pet and play with your pup every night, perhaps during movie time. As your Virginia Beach, VA animal clinic, we’re dedicated to offering top-notch care. Feel free to contact us anytime!
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