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7 Tips For Playing With Your Bunny

September 1, 2022
Rabbits are definitely some of the cutest and most lovable animals on the planet. They also make great pets! Just like all of our other animal companions, Floppy does need enrichment and stimulation to thrive. That means playtime! A local Virginia Beach, VA vet offers some tips on playing with your little buddy in this article.

Be Gentle

First things first: bunnies are very, very delicate. They can easily break their bones, and can literally die of fright. You definitely do not want to roughhouse with your adorable pet, or do anything that could cause her to fall. It’s also best to avoid the ambush/jump scare type of play that some cats and dogs have fun with.

Keep It Low

Rabbits may love jumping, but because of the safety risks we mentioned above, it’s best to keep things at ground level. There’s another benefit of this: if you get down on the ground to play, Floppy will feel like you’re on her turf. That will help your fuzzy friend feel safe and loved.

Try Different Games

Just how does one play with a bunny? Try rolling a ball to her. It may take time, but Floppy may eventually start rolling it back! You can also take her on a ‘train ride’ by putting her on a blanket or towel and pulling that around. Hide and Seek is another option.

Consider Personalities

Our animal companions all have their own personalities. Some bunnies are just bolder than others. Take cues from Floppy, and adjust accordingly. If your fuzzy buddy seems frightened or nervous, just try a foraging game instead.

Announce It

Find a signal you can use to announce playtime. This may be taking a certain toy or treat out, or making a certain noise.

Be Consistent

Try to make playtime part of your routine, perhaps something you and Floppy do after dinner. This will give your rabbit something to look forward to.

Offer Other Options

Floppy also needs some things that she can play with when you’re out. Offer lots of safe, suitable chew toys. Your furry pal may also like playing with things that were made for cats or birds. Ask your vet for specific advice on this. Is your pet due for an appointment? Do you have questions about bunny care? Contact us, your local Virginia Beach, VA animal hospital, today!
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