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Grooming A Senior Cat

October 15, 2022
Is your feline pal a senior? As your furball ages, she’ll have more trouble bending and twisting to clean herself. That can result in Fluffy’s coat getting dirty and unkempt. Your pet will likely appreciate having some help with her daily beauty ritual. Here, a Virginia Beach, VA vet offers some tips on grooming older kitties.


Brushing is really the most important thing you can do for your furry buddy as far as grooming goes. That will get dust, dirt, and dead fur out of your cat’s coat, so she doesn’t feel hot or itchy. If you have a short haired kitty, you can use a regular brush. However, if Fluffy has long fur, you may want to get a special detangling brush. Timing is key here. Wait until your kitty is feeling relaxed and snuggly. If your furball is a lap cat, let her settle in with you.


Older cats’ nails can get quite long, and can tear on things. Some kitties need pedicures. You don’t want to clip Fluffy’s nails too short, though, as that could make it hard for her to climb onto things.


Fluffy will probably be able to keep her face clean with her paws. However, brachycephalic kitties have skin folds that may need extra attention. Those wrinkles can gather germs and dirt. Furballs with tearstains also need their faces gently cleaned. Ask your vet for advice.


You generally don’t have to bathe kitties, though you can if you want to. If you do bathe Fluffy, use just a few inches of lukewarm water and a mild shampoo made for cats. Make sure that your feline friend has a warm place to dry off in. Some furballs enjoy being blow-dried on a low setting, but don’t force this.


Be extremely gentle with Fluffy! Older kitties can get quite stiff and sore. Even being picked up can be uncomfortable for some of them. They also have delicate skin, so don’t pull too hard on knots or tangles.


Those grooming sessions are a purrfect chance to check Fluffy’s body condition. Look for things like lumps, bumps, swelling, tumors, and lesions, as well as weight changes and sensitivity. Contact your vet if you notice anything off. As your Virginia Beach, VA pet hospital, we’re dedicated to helping you keep your cat happy, healthy, and purring. Contact us anytime!
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