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Holiday Decorating Tips For Pet Owners

December 1, 2022
The holidays are officially upon us! This can be a fun time for pets, but there are also some seasonal dangers lurking that pet owners should be aware of. A Virginia Beach, VA vet offers some advice on this below.

Be Cautious With Plants

Many popular seasonal plants are toxic to our furry friends. That includes things like holly, ivy, mistletoe, and poinsettias. Keep these well out of paws’ reach! The ASPCA has more information on this here.

Cover The Tree Water

Real trees look and smell wonderful, but there are a few things to keep in mind. The needles can be choking hazards, and can cause gastrointestinal perforations and blockages if ingested. The water is also unsafe, as it may contain leached chemicals, such as fire retardant, fertilizer, and fungicides. Cover the bowl, and pick up any fallen needles ASAP.

Consider Stress

Our animal companions are very much creatures of habit, and can get stressed out by changes in their routine or environment. Fido may be frightened of the inflatable reindeer in your yard, while Fluffy may be upset by the singing snowman by her bed. Offer nervous pets comfy, quiet spots to retreat to, especially on noisy nights, such as New Year’s Eve. Extra attention and play sessions can also help.

Don’t Overlook Fire Risks

Candles, fireplaces, heaters, and potpourri burners are definitely not safe for Fido and Fluffy. Keep these in spots your furry pal can’t reach. We also recommend using grates before fireplaces, and making sure heaters aren’t at risk of being toppled over by a playful pet.

Be Aware Of Risks

Ribbons are always tempting to frisky cats. However, they are choking hazards, as are tinsel strands, garlands, and lights. You’ll also want to be careful with anything small or sharp. That includes ornaments, ornament hooks, garlands, tinsel strands, and any small figurines.

Catproof The Tree

A catproofed tree may sound like an oxymoron, but there actually are things you can do to keep your feline buddy from toppling your centerpiece. Put most of the decorations on the top third of the tree. Only hang a few safe, unbreakable things on the lower branches. You may also want to block the tree off with a puppy gate. Citrus spray deterrents may also help.  As your Virginia Beach, VA pet hospital, we’re dedicated to offering great care. Call us anytime!
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