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Fluffy’s Fitness Regime (Or Lack Thereof)

February 15, 2023

Does your kitty get silly and zoomy, and run laps around the house? Or is your feline buddy more of a couch potato? Fluffy is usually quite active as a kitten, but by the time she reaches her golden years, she will definitely slow down. (Way down.) However, even though your pet may become more interested in catching Z’s than in catching mice, she will still need some exercise. A Virginia Beach, VA vet offers some tips on keeping your cat active in this article.


Playing is by far your feline friend’s favorite workout. Your kitty should have things that she can play with when you’re away, such as catnip mice and little balls. You’ll also want to provide things that you can use to play with her, like wand toys. If possible, try to play with Fluffy every day, even if it’s just for a few minutes. This also provides mental stimulation, which is very important to your pet’s health and well-being. 


Not all kitties are going to go for this one. If Fluffy has always been an indoor cat, then it may be best to leave her be. However, if your cat is quite bold and adventurous, she may quite like being walked on a leash. Ask your vet for advice, including training tips.


Pet furniture can also keep your pet fit and moving. Things like cat towers encourage Fluffy to jump and climb. Your feline pal also will enjoy investigating things like tunnels made out of boxes or newspapers. If your furry friend is extremely active, she may even enjoy a kitty wheel to run on!


If you really want to get that little motor going, consider making your cute pet her own catwalk. You may be surprised at how much Fluffy loves zooming around at the top of the room at top kitty speed!

Automated Toys

Fluffy definitely has some fans in the tech sector. There are all sorts of cute smart toys for cats on the market right now. For example, you can get your furball a emote-controlled mouse, or a smart toy that reacts to her movements. You can even play with your little buddy while you’re at work, using a laser pointer that connects to your smartphone. 

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