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We are happy to announce our brand new boarding facility is NOW OPEN!

We offer clean, safe boarding facilities for dogs and cats. 

Click the link below to review our boarding policies & requirements.

Boarding Policies

*Please allot yourself 15 minutes for the check-in procedure to allow our staff to review the needed paperwork and verify your pet is current on required vaccines/tests.* 

Our cat ward is separate from our dog ward, in a sound-insulated room. The kennels do not face one another to help reduce stress of seeing unfamiliar cats. Two family cats can stay in one larger kennel and interact with one another. We have quiet music playing throughout the day and a Feliway Pheromone Diffuser plugger in at all times to calm cats while they are away from home. We also have 24 hours fire and security monitoring.

All large dog runs are 3'x6' with glass front doors so their view is not obstructed. Dogs cages and runs are designed so no dogs are ever facing one another in the attempt to decrease stress. In addition, our dog ward as quite music playing throughout the day and an Adaptil Pheromone Diffuser is plugged in at all times to help calm your dog.

Choose from one of these suite styles for your pet:


                                   Canine Cabins                                     Canine Cottages


                                                          Cat Condos                                                     


 Canine Bungalows (<25lbs only)

*Pet treat cam option available for Canine cabins and cottages. Ask our staff for more details*

You can be confident that our educated staff will ensure your pets medical needs are properly met. 

The health and well-being of all boarding animals is our greatest concern. Our excellent staff is knowledgeable in animal health and behavior.  Any abnormalities in your pets bowel movements, urination, attitude, or appetite will be noted by our staff and addressed appropriately.  Our doctors are on call for boarded pets to provide medical treatment as required.
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