Fear Free Kits!

Fear Free Vet Visit Kits

Our hospital and staff are committed to making sure you have all the information and tools you need to make your pet's vet visit as low stress as possible, for both you and your pet!

We understand your pet's stress can cause YOU stress, but we want to make sure your pet gets the attention and care he needs. Whether it be preventative visits or sick visits, when it's time to come to the vet, you can have the tools you need for a successful fear free vet visits using our Fear Free Vet Visit Kits!

Included in these kits are:

Sollquin Behavioral Health Supplements - These supplements aid in the support of normal behavior and facilitate calming effects without sedation. It is recommended to give the appropriate dose 2 hours before your pet's vet visit.

Species Specific Calming Music - iCalm "Through a Dog's Ear - Driving Edition" CD should be played for a minimum of 10 minutes before leaving your home. For felines, "Through a Cat's Ear" CD should also be played before your cat's appointment. It is also recommended to play this CD during your drive to the vet.

Adaptil or Feliway pheromone sprays or wipes - Adaptil is for canines and Feliway is for felines. Both of these products are synthetic species-specific pheromones intended to mimic the pheromone given off by your pet's mother when they are weeks old that create a calming effect. There are various ways to use these, including travel sprays (for best use, spray it on a bandana and tie around your pets neck), wipes for cat carries, and diffusers that can be put in the household.

Your kit will include samples of all of these (CD should be returned at the time of your pet's appointment to receive your credit). 

You can purchase a Fear Free Vet Visit Kit at our hospital.

If some of these techniques work well for your pet, we have larger quantities of Solliquin, Adaptil, and Feliway that you may also purchase.

Call our office with questions and/or to schedule your pet's Fear Free Vet Visit!



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