Dental Cleanings & Oral Surgery

Barker Animal Hospital Offers Complete Oral Care For Your Pet

Oral Health is an area that is often overlooked by pet parents.  It is one of the areas where at home care makes the greatest impact on your pet's health.  Too often as veterinarians we only see a pet once an oral problem has reached the end stage and there is little we can do to relieve the pet's suffering, short of removing all affected teeth. 

Our staff is dedicated to educating owners about proper care of their pet's mouth to help prevent unnecessary pain and tooth loss.  

All dental cleanings performed at Barker Animal Hospital include pre-operative blood screening, balanced & monitored anesthesia, a complete anesthetized oral exam, full mouth digital x-rays, oral charting, hand or ultrasonic scaling of all teeth as appropriate, polishing and fluoride treatment. 

You will receive pre and post dental photographs of your pet's mouth, along with a clear oral care plan that you can follow with your pet at home. 

One of our technicians, Melissa and Stephanie, an assistant, during a dental procedure


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