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Barker Animal Hospital Offers Microchip Implantation          

At Barker Animal Hospital we believe a microchip is the best tool we have to help a lost pet finds its way home.  At the size of approximately a grain of rice, this permanent identification device is in-planted into the subcutaneous tissues (under the skin) of your pet.  Even if a pet loses its collar or ID tag, it can be properly identified by the electronic number imprinted on the chip. A searchable national database has been created to easily record and retrieve a lost pet’s owners information.  

Remember a microchip is only successful if owners are certain to keep their registration information within the database up to date.  Without this vital information a microchip may not be successful in reuniting a lost pet and owner. 

Placement of this device is simple, similar to administration of a vaccination, most pets will not require any sedation for placement. To help ease discomfort for your pet, an ice pack or topical anesthetic may be applied to the area by our staff prior to implantation. 

Call us at (757) 410-5533 to ask us about implanting this potentially life saving device into your pet today!

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