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Cute Ways to Spoil a Bunny

July 15, 2020

Do you have a bunny? If so, you have a pretty cute little buddy. Rabbits do have some specific care needs, so it may take you a bit of time to figure out the do’s and don’ts of keeping your adorable pet happy. Of course, many of you want to go above and beyond, and spoil your furry friend a bit. Here, a Virginia Beach, VA vet lists some great ways to pamper a rabbit. 

Great Cage

First and foremost, make sure that Floppy has a roomy, comfortable cage. Your pet should have plenty of space to hop and play, without tripping over her things. Ask your vet for specific advice, including tips on size, setup, and substrate. 


Toys aren’t just important for keeping Floppy busy: they’re also very important for her dental health, as well as her mental and emotional well-being. Keep your furry pal’s toybox full! You can actually make many of your bunny’s toys out of ordinary household items, like plain paper and cardboard. Look online for ideas.

Dig Box

Bunnies love to dig and root around in things. Get a plastic storage tote, and fill it with goodies for Floppy. You can add things like crumpled-up paper balls, toilet paper rolls, and children’s blocks. 

Hopstacle Course

In order to keep your fuzzy pal happy and healthy, you’ll need to keep her entertained and active. A hopstacle course is a great way to do that! You can use things like footstools, ottomans, boxes, and even chairs. 

Free Time

While it’s important for Floppy to have a comfy cage, she shouldn’t be in it all the time. Make sure your cute pet gets lots of free time! 


If there is one thing all our patients are enthusiastic about, it’s treats. Fruit is likely going to be your pet’s weakness here. Floppy definitely has a sweet tooth! While you don’t want to overindulge your bunny with sugary snacks, you can offer her a few strawberries, or perhaps a bit of banana, apple, or melon. Ask your vet for specific recommendations. 


Like many other pets, bunnies are quite lovable, and can be very affectionate with their humans. Never force attention on Floppy. However, you should by all means indulge her when she wants to snuggle. 

Please contact us, your Virginia Beach, VA vet clinic, anytime. We’re dedicated to offering great care! 

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