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Pet Ultrasound

Barker Animal Hospital is pleased to provide ultrasound services as a means of providing our patients with a higher level of quality care.

dog getting ultrasound

Pet Ultrasound

When evaluating internal organs, veterinary ultrasound is an extremely useful tool. It can detect changes in the heart and abdominal organs, as well as assist in the identification of any cysts or tumors that may be present. Ultrasounds, which are capable of real-time monitoring, are also used for pregnancy diagnosis and development monitoring.

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Pet Ultrasound

Barker Animal Hospital is happy to provide our clients with this diagnostic service. Ultrasound technology provides a safe, non-invasive view of the body. Our ultrasound system gives us the ability to create high-quality images that we are able to easily share, meaning fast access to board-certified radiologists for consultation.

In addition, certain procedures are able to be performed utilizing ultrasound as a guide, eliminating the need for more invasive surgical procedures.