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Pet Grooming

Pamper your pet with our grooming expertise. From baths to haircuts, we cater to your furry friend’s needs.

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Pet Grooming

Pet grooming is essential to maintaining a pet’s overall health and well-being and has many benefits for both cats and dogs.

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Routine Hygiene & Grooming Services

At Barker Animal Hospital, we’re dedicated to enhancing your pet’s appearance and comfort. We offer refreshing baths and meticulous nail care. With a focus on health and well-being, we ensure your furry companion not only looks great but feels their best too.

Pet Bathing

Pet baths help maintain your furry friend’s hygiene by cleaning their coat, removing dirt and odors, and keeping them looking their best.

Pet Nail Trims

Pet nail trims are essential for your pet’s comfort and safety, preventing overgrowth that can lead to pain or injury. They should be done regularly to maintain healthy paws and prevent scratching.