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Celebrating Black Cats

October 15, 2020

Do you have a black cat? If so, you may be seeing Fluffy’s likeness in a lot of seasonal decorations. This is both good and bad. Black cats are really just as sweet and lovable as any other pet, so we love to see them getting attention. Unfortunately, they’ve been given a bit of a bad rap. A Virginia Beach, VA vet discusses these adorable felines below.


There are some great benefits to having a black cat. Fluffy is very photogenic, even (and perhaps especially) against dark backgrounds, when only her eyes show. She is also very fashionable, as she matches any outfit or piece of decor!


As you may know, black cats were unfairly associated with witchcraft back in the Middle Ages. Unfortunately, these superstitions still persist to this day. Those old wives’ tales have actually made it difficult for black cats to be adopted. Studies have shown that they often spend much more time in shelters than other cats do. If you’re ready to adopt, please consider giving one of these lovable kitties a great furever home.

Color Coordination

Did you know that black cats aren’t actually black? If you look closely at Fluffy’s fur when she’s sunbathing, you’ll notice that it’s actually a very dark brown. In fact, if your kitty spends enough time in the sun, her coat may fade.


Dozens of cat breeds officially allow black coloring. However, there is only one breed that is always black. That would be the Bombay, a lovable, playful feline that loves to chat with her humans.


While we love black cats, unfortunately, not everyone else feels the same way. Black cats are often reported missing around Halloween. In fact, some shelters refuse to adopt them out around the autumn holiday. Play it safe, and keep Fluffy safe and sound indoors for the next few weeks.


How does one celebrate this special day? Well, Fluffy is always appreciative of toys and treats. She’d also enjoy a new bed. If you have youngsters at home, they can also get in on the fun. Have them draw pictures of their feline friend, or write a poem or story about her. A fun play session, and perhaps some extra cuddles, are also purrfect options.

As your Virginia Beach, VA animal clinic, we’re dedicated to offering great care. Please feel free to contact us anytime!


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