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Holiday Gifts For Senior Dogs

December 1, 2020

The holidays are officially upon us. At this time of year, many people are picking out gifts for their loved ones. Many of our canine patients are going to find themselves with lots of extra toys and treats this month. Of course, if your dog is in his golden years, Frisbees and chew sticks may not be the best gifts for him. A pet clinic Virginia Beach, VA lists some ‘pawesome’ presents for older dogs below. 


There are few things more adorable than seeing an older pooch peacefully snoozing in his bed. Make sure Fido has a comfy one! Orthopedic beds are great for senior dogs. If your four-legged pal has a thin coat, a heated bed may also be a good choice.


Just like people, dogs tend to get very stiff and sore as they age. Consider booking Fido a session with a pet masseuse. Add a bath, and it will be kind of like the doggy version of a spa day! 

Age-Appropriate Toys

As Fido ages, you’ll want to start choosing toys made specifically for senior dogs. Some of these are softer than regular toys, which makes them gentle on your canine pal’s mouth. Others may light up or make noise, which will make them easier to track. 


Your pup’s dietary needs will change as he grows older. Fido may benefit from certain vitamins and supplements. Ask your vet for specific advice.

Raised Dishes

Did you know that it’s more comfortable for senior dogs to eat from raised dishes than from bowls on the floor? Consider giving Fido’s dinnerware a pup grade.

Pet Ramps

Fido may have trouble jumping on and off the couch or bed (if he’s allowed) or getting in and out of the care. Pet ramps or stairs can be a huge help with this!

Warm Clothes

If Fido has thin fur, he may get cold quite easily in winter. A comfy sweater or jacket is a great option. Don’t forget to snap a few cute pictures of your furry friend in his new outfit. 

Grooming Supplies

Dental-formula treats, paw balm, and brushes all make great stocking stuffers. You may also want to get some clippers equipped with sensors. 


No surprises here: Fido will never outgrow his love of yummy snacks! 

As your veterinarian Virginia Beach, VA, we’re dedicated to offering great care. Contact us anytime!

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