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4 Purrfect Reasons to Cuddle Your Cat

March 15, 2021

T here’s a pretty adorable kitty holiday coming up. March 23rd is Cuddly Kitten Day! While many of our animal friends enjoy being cuddled and petted, it turns out that cats are particularly well-suited to snuggling. A Virginia Beach, VA vet lists some reasons to cuddle your furry little friend regularly in this article. 

P  urrs

One of the many wonderful things about our feline buddies is the fact that they vibrate when they are happy. Kitty purrs may actually be a little bit magic. As it turns out, the frequencies cats purr at have some very special properties. These little furballs rumble at between 20 and 140 Hertz. These exact same frequencies are used by physical therapists, as they have been shown to promote healing.

Stress Relief

This one probably isn’t news to many of you. Hugging a purring cat can be very relaxing! In fact, more and more of our feline companions are working as therapy pets in places like hospices, hospitals, and nursing homes. Kitty cuddles can help people who are coping with grief, anxiety, depression, and loneliness. Fluffy is also a pretty good sleep aid. Who needs a weighted blanket when you have a cuddly furball?

Good For Kids

Children do benefit from growing up with a feline pal. Cats can really comfort kids on bad days. Fluffy is also a great playmate and napping buddy. Just supervise all interactions, especially while your child is still young.

Smile Activation

Our feline friends are super cute and personable. These quirky little furballs have a special way of melting our hearts and putting smiles on our faces. Just seeing how content kitties get when they’re being petted can really lift your spirits and brighten up your day. It’s hard not to smile when Fluffy starts her engine!

Kitty Cuddling Tips

Cuddling cats isn’t exactly rocket science, but there are a few things to keep in mind. First, never force cuddles on a feline that isn’t in the mood for it. It should be up to Fluffy to decide when snuggle time stops and starts. We also recommend cuddling your furry pal every day, or as often as she will allow. Kitties’ love and purrs are both truly precious in our book!

As your Virginia Beach, VA veterinary clinic, we’re dedicated to offering cuddly kittens great care. Please feel free to contact us anytime!

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