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Signs Your Cat Is Happy

March 15, 2022

World Happiness Day is coming up on March 20th. This isn’t a specific pet holiday, but it definitely does apply to our four-legged pals. Kitties always keep us smiling with their cute faces and silly behavior. Of course, when it comes to cats, it isn’t always easy to figure out what they are feeling. How do you know if Fluffy is content? Read on as a Virginia Beach, VA vet lists some signs of kitty happiness.

Clean Bill Of Health

We know, Fluffy may be less than thrilled at having her daily napping schedule interrupted for an exam. However, it’s important to stay on top of her veterinary care needs. Healthy cats are happy cats!


Our furry buddies are very playful, which makes them super fun to watch. Fluffy is highly entertaining when she is running, pouncing, and generally acting silly. If you have a frisky feline on your hands, you’re doing something right!


To be clear, truly aggressive behavior is definitely not a sign of happiness. We’re talking more about the tiny temper tantrums spoiled cats have sometimes. Fluffy may yell at you for moving her mid-nap, or protest when you take away that plastic wrapper she wanted to chew on. 


Although cats sometimes purr when they’re nervous, sick, or scared, purring is more often an indication that Fluffy is feeling content. If your feline friend often starts her motor when you pet her, pick her up, or offer her lap space, she’s probably pretty happy.


You can learn a lot by watching Fluffy’s body language. If your kitty is often hiding or huddled into a ‘bread loaf’ position, she may be nervous. However, if your furry pal has no qualms about sprawling out in the middle of a room, she’s feeling confident. That’s definitely a good sign!


Cats all have unique voices, just as people do. That said, most of them don’t talk to each other: they usually only ‘speak’ to their humans. If Fluffy is chatty with you, she’s probably satisfied.


Kitties have some pretty cute ways of showing affection. If Fluffy follows you around, sleeps on your lap, and enjoys being petted, there’s a pretty good chance that your furry friend is satisfied with her lot in life.

Is your feline buddy overdue for an appointment? Contact us, your Virginia Beach, VA animal hospital, anytime!

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