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Tips For Helping Ukrainian Pet Charities

April 15, 2022

The ongoing conflict in Ukraine has become not only a terrible humanitarian crisis, but also one for animal welfare. Many people really want to try and help. For most of us, the best way to do that is through supporting the organizations that are assisting directly. If you have been considering making a donation to a charity that is helping Ukraine’s animals, read on. A Virginia Beach, VA vet offers some information on this below.

Choose A Charity …

There are many different charities that are helping Ukraine’s pets. Some of these include 

American Humane, International Fund For Animal Welfare (IFAW), Humane Society International (HSI), and Warpaws. These may range from large international organizations, to smaller local ones. 

… Or Consider Other Options

Animal shelters aren’t the only organizations that are in desperate need of help. Many zoos are also struggling to care for their charges. Ukraine is also home to many animal sanctuaries, such as Four Paws, which is a bear rescue. 

Consider Surrounding Countries

Many of the shelters in neighboring companies are also trying to help. Do Good Romania, or Saved By They Vet, is one example. Look at those in surrounding countries as well. 

Look At Processes

One thing you may want to consider is how charities receive donations. Some can accept funds directly, through Paypal, Patreon, or links on their website. Others have Amazon wish lists. Some organizations, such as IFAW, work to funnel funds and supplies to smaller, local organizations. If you have a personal preference, it’s something to keep in mind.

Stay Alert

Don’t fall for phishing emails or similar scams. Go to the website itself. If you get an email with a link, make sure that the web address you are sent to is correct.

Tax Break

With the tax deadline looming, this seems like a good time to point out that many charitable donations are tax deductible. Save your receipts for next year! 

Stay Updated

Because the situation is so volatile, and is changing so rapidly, it’s best to check the sites regularly for updates, and to see what is needed. In a situation like this, even a small donation of a few dollars can make a difference. When it comes to helping animals, every little bit helps! 

Do you have questions about your own pet’s health or care? Contact us, your Virginia Beach, VA animal clinic!

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