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Playing With An Older Cat

Is your kitty a fuzzy little senior? Fluffy officially enters her golden years around age nine. However, with many cats living into their teens or twenties, your pet may enjoy quite a long retirement. One of the best things you…

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Fluffy’s 2023 Goals

Happy New Year! Are you making resolutions for 2023? Your feline pal will be right there with you as you work towards your objectives. And while Fluffy will probably sleep through most of the year, she does have a few…

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Grayish bunny with a blue gift with red big ribbon

Holidays With Bunnies no furbabies

Happy Holidays! Or, for those of you with rabbits, ‘Hoppy’ Holidays! Floppy is a super cute little pet. However, you’ll need to keep a close eye on your furry buddy over the next few weeks, to keep her out of…

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Brown hairy dog wearing a reindeer hat and a black cat wearing a santa hat

Holiday Decorating Tips For Pet Owners

The holidays are officially upon us! This can be a fun time for pets, but there are also some seasonal dangers lurking that pet owners should be aware of. A Virginia Beach, VA vet offers some advice on this below….

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Gray cat playing with a catch toy

Reasons To Play With Fluffy Every Day

Our feline friends are always cute, but they are never more adorable than when they’re hard at play. Kitties are extra hilarious when they are doing that pre-pounce butt wiggle, or batting their favorite catnip toys around. As it turns…

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White cat with brown ears and long pink pompoms

Choosing Cat Furniture

Does your kitty have some furniture pieces of her own? If so, that’s great. Cats do benefit from having some things made just for them. Of course, there are a few things for you to consider when shopping for Fluffy….

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